06-15-2007-museveni-uganda.jpgThe Monitor is reportig that Museveni, Uganda’s President has offered his services as a mediator, after congratulating Kibaki on his re-election. wow, humor makes its bed in strange places.

 First of all, how do you mediate when you have already picked a side. Secondly, shouldn’t Museveni be concerned about peace in his own back yard since his government is still fighting with rebels in North Uganda?

the full story is here


  1. Museveni needs to get real n mind his own country!! he has no business being a mediator since we all know on whose side he’s on!!


  2. I really hope M7 does not try and bring confusion into Kenya. He has brought disaster on Uganda and its environs – Rwanda, DRC and Burundi – and should not try to exercise control over Kenya.


  3. M7 cannot be asked to mind his own country! All this talk of him bringing disaster in Rwanda etc is irrelevant! right now we are talking about Kenya and the precious lives being lost! What affects Kenya affects Ug and the EAC in general. Kenya needs all the help it can get – and it is welcome from any party. I do not think M7 is taking sides…. would you say that Obama, the EU, US and anybody else that is refering to Kibaki as “President Kibaki” to be taking sides? I looked at the pictures of the kids and the other Kenyans who have died and I say enough is enough! Not one more life should be taken away by this moment of madness. Time for Raila and Kibaki to dialogue….. if it takes M7 to help so let it be, if it is Tutu we do not mind as long as both parties agree. God bless Kenya


  4. M7 has no business mediating peace in kenya.He tried for Rwanda and burundi,when they were just on their way to peace, he killed the two presidents. he is not comfortable with peace in couther sudan and you know what he did for garang when peace surfaced in sudan. When DRC was getting peace,you knw what his boys did for kabila and the war thereafter.
    You remember a story in one of the uganda dailliees before the kenyan election..”M7 to see Bush over kenyan elections”…and they are the only two guys who’ve congratulated kibaki.
    With the war in Kenya,he has even changed tact while dealing with bugandas,just two weeks ago he wrote threatening the Mutebi that he wil deal with his people ruthlessly,now he is for peace and negotiaion with the guys,bcz of the kenyan war.a real wolf in sheepskin


  5. We will NOT forget, we will remember…
    Kenya shall not be M7’s and Bush’s stamping grounds, even if Kibaki has invited them. Kenya is much bigger than Kibaki , M7 and Bush.


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